About Gamenivora

The name Gamenivora is derived from the word "Game" and "Vore". In indonesian language we call vore as "vora" and thus Gamenivora name was formed.

Gamenivora itself defines a being that eats game. And that is what we would like to indentify ourselves. We are a media team consists of video gamers who really love playing video games and just like the name describes, we are dedicated to hunt and gather video games, eat them (analogically speaking), explore and analyze them, and hold fun activities either formal or informal related to video games as those are what we are commited to share to others who love video games just like us. There is no greater joy than to be able to share gaming experience, not just to be able to give insightful information and reviews, but in the end, to be able to get together, to form unity in fellowship and community.

Gamenivora was formed on August 2014 and further becomes a part of VORE & CO.

Gamenivora Vision

Dedicated to be the strongest and largest media of video games in Indonesia which can be the mediator and facilitator for all indonesian gaming industries and indonesian video game players, bringing them to the international to make them known all around the world, building a compact and strong community gathered in unity, also to enrich and enlighten them with informations and supports they need to be the number one in their area of expertise so that in the end, We Indonesian, can give outstanding performances and many contributions to the improvement of video game world.

Gamenivora Missions

- Deliver you reviews, news and updates about video games which prioritize qualities over quantities
- Giving you excitement and entertainment in every of our videos. We shouldn't always be so stiff and formal when talking about video games, now, should we? Come on, what's the fun of it?
- To create a lively community in which each member can broaden their friendships, mingle together, play together, share tips and all gaming experiences in a friendly, sportive, and fun atmosphere
- To provide an active forum for all video gamers to find info from fellow gamers, as well as to discuss games and all other things related to video games, and to invite people together to join Gamenivora events such as gatherings, tournaments, game launching events, game exhibition, game challenge, etc
- To support and facilitate Indonesian E-Sport Association and Indonesian Video Game Industries in any possible way in order to make Indonesia well known worldwide in the world of video game and not just taken for granted